About the project

Latvian WordNet is a relational lexico-semantic dictionary, based on Tezaurs.lv lexical data. As of April 2022, Latvian WordNet contains 6287 words - nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, separated into 9180 word senses. The word senses are linked into 5331 synonym sets, and there are 3560 relations between them. The synonym sets are also linked to the English Princeton WordNet. The set of semantic relations in Latvian WordNet include synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, meronymy, gradation and generic similarity. The words included in the Latvian WordNet are selected according to frequency analysis of the word occurrences in the Balanced Corpus of Modern Latvian. Latvian WordNet dataset can be browsed as part of the Tezaurs.lv online dictionary and also the dataset can be downloaded free of charge from this site. The development of Latvian WordNet is done by Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.


Dr. sc. comp. Pēteris Paikens
Dr. philol. Ilze Lokmane
Mg. philol. Laura Rituma
Dr. sc. comp. Lauma Pretkalniņa
Mg. translat. Madara Stāde
Bc. sc. comp. Laine Strankale
Bc. philol. Agute Klints
Dr. sc. comp. Normunds Grūzītis
Mg. sc. comp. Mikus Grasmanis